Edinburgh Fringe Festival – The Best Shows

The Edinburgh Festival has started and here are some of the best shows to see. Serviced City Pads supply serviced apartment accommodation throughout Edinburgh please contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866.

Our Share of Tomorrow

A girl arrives on a quay looking for the man that loved her mother 15 years ago and never stopped waiting. Her mother is dead and she is there to tell him that he is her father. Intriguingly, she is accompanied by a recently befriended and much older soldier, who aggressively protects her welfare.

What unfolds is a resonant, melancholic exploration of love and grief, that shines not so much in the twists of the plot itself – this is not about ‘what happens next’ – but rather in the details of the characters’ interaction. Artful, intuitive performances convey the nuances of angst and affection with geniune depth and manage to pick out the sentiment behind dialogue that, at times, might otherwise seem rather obscure.

Finely tuned without becoming stilted, this production by Real Circumstance is a touching and sincere portrait of emotional landscapes and the shifting, complex identities of girl and woman, father and daughter, friend and lover.Fully realised characters provide insight into a narrative that could have floundered in less skilled hands and deliver to the stage a polished, streamlined piece of theatre.

Jarred Christmas – Personal set from personable stand-up

With a name like Christmas, it’s a no-brainer that this Kiwi had grown up defending himself. And defend himself he does, about his pechant for dance, Michael Jackson fandom and less than svelte physique. The jokes came quickly and easily, and Christmas mix of the off  hand comment and the tightly crafted joke is a hilarious combination. He struts his sweaty stuff with suprising dexterity when lampooning his dance lessons, but late comers beware:he will unshamedly bare his chest at you.Serviced City Pads supply short and long stay serviced apartments.Christmas is a likeable guy with a quick mind and talent for easy but never obvious jokes, and the audience laughed along as he shared his temptation at the birth certificate registrars office and roared at his recollection of a brief brush with infamy from an appearance on Big Brothers Big Mouth. His comedy isn’t observational, but personal, and the laughs come from familiarity with the situations he describes, though not everyone is a comedian struggling to fill out government forms. Christmas is robustly funny, his delivery confident and his show not to be missed.

Bridget Christine – Dabbling around the unhinged fringes of stand-up.

Bridget Christine openly admits that her act may not be the most commercially viable around. But you can’t help but feel the Fringe would be a bit more interesting of other performers were willing to forsake financial security and the welfare of the toddler to open a stand-up show dressed as an ant with goggles. For a piece of performance theatre, it not only provides an interesting, angered take on public and critical perceptions of the role of women in comedy, bit also allows us to laugh at ant-based puns.Serviced City Pads.

As a comedy tactic, it’s triumphant. Her less etymological material isn’t quite so certain in it’s brilliance, but the stories are as dark, farcical and referential as you’s expect from anyone who spends enough time Stewart Lee. Especially satisfying are the references to the couples cat, Boo Boo, which blur the lines of daydream and reality, as an audience begins to question this womans sanity. It’s how a proper fringe show should be. Serviced City Pads supply short and long stay serviced apartments.