Edinburgh Rat Race – Apartments Edinburgh

Fancy trying something different this year? Bored of the same old city getaways? Well look no further than The Urban Rat Race Adventures taking place in Edinburgh on the 17th & 18th of July this year. The race is not your average run of the mill A to B that you can find at some point during the year in the majority of cities throughout the UK – No this race turns cities into high adrenaline adventure playgrounds for participants of all abilities. You can enter in teams of 2 or 3 and will find yourselves biking, hiking, abseiling, climbing and navigating your way around the roads, streets, structures, waterways of one of the UK’s coolest cities.

Anyone can enter and there is even a 3hour Mean Streets event on the Saturday night if you want to test the water which covers around 10K on foot and designed for some serious fun and games. You have to hunt out different adventure challenges around the city which can range from physical or funny, down to some very much surreal. The event is attended by people from all over the world and has sister events in Bristol, Teeside and even as far as Australia. The Rat Race course is kept a very closely guarded secret until just a few hours before the race and throughout your adventure you should expect the unexpected as they take you into, over, under and through Edinburgh, Rat Race style! One minute you could be running through bustling shopping streets in search of a checkpoint; the next you could be trying your hand at parkour, punching a boxing champ or pole dancing your way to the points. The Rat Race is totally unique in its format, scope of activities and sense of discovery and adventure.

One thing you will need when coming to take part in the Rat Race is accommodation and what would be worse than having to come back to a cramped hotel room after a hard days/nights adventure. It is for this reason why serviced apartments are the right option for you and your fellow racers. Serviced apartments offer over 50% more space than a hotel room and you have a fully furnished living room and dining room as well as a modern fully fitted kitchen so you can kick back and relax or prepare dinner after the long days activities.

At Serviced City Pads there are numerous different apartments throughout Edinburgh in the City Centre and surrounding areas. We have apartments that can accommodate between 2 and 9 people and many at different classes and standards and therefore various prices. For this reason we can offer fantastic accommodation to anyone and everyones needs, budgets and desires. Whether or not you decide to do the 2 day Rat Race or just have a taster at the first night then why not get a serviced apartment and have somewhere to prepare and come back and relax when its all over. Trust me your body will thank you for it. Just imagine lying back on that sofa legs up with a nice Ice cold beer in your hands.