Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Show Reviews

Another Someone – Bedlam Theatre until Saturday August 28, 2010

If your after something young and refreshing, unpretentious and uplifting, go and see this show. Even though it probably defies most catergorisations – being qualifiable as either a contemporary dance with words or a musical with storytelling – this little show about happiness could probably pass for a piece of easy audience therapy too. Serviced City Pads.

The fact that it doesn’t try too hard to be older or clever than it is probably lets this show get away with ocaasional narrative flaws. And they make these work by flaunting them. Becky Wilkie’s thorughly enchanting music make the whole thing bind seamlessly together and she appears in the triple role fo a composer, musician and narrator. RashDash founders Helen Goalen and Abbi Greenland, as well as their new member Marc Graham, are all talented singers and dancers too, making it feel as though this quartet redefines the notion of a triple-threat. Not only that, but they genuinely threaten to break new ground and bring a whole new brand of music theatre – if not an album or two as well. So do go and see them while they are such amazing value for money. Happiness guaranteed.

Speechless – Traverse Theatre until Sunday August 29, 2010

Based on facts, this is the story of twin sisters who refused to speak, preferring to communicate with each other as growing olders forces then ever deeper into comfort of their secret world.Serviced City Pads short stay serviced apartment accommodation.
Increasingly difficult, they are transferred from secondary to special school as family and experts remain baffled. Otherwise intelligent, articulate and witty, the twin belong to a normal family with mother, father and three siblings. Except not so normal, since they are immigrants from the Carribean living on an RAF base in the UK where thay are the only black family. And, we should remember, this is the early eighties when society in Britain was only just begginning to confront the word ‘racism’. Serviced City Pads supply serviced apartments in Edinburgh.
TV plays a large role in punctuating the sisters lives, on a daily basis watching Dallas or Top of the Pops with their supper, or markingthe passing of the years with Charles and Diana’s wedding and the Brixton Riots. Meanwhile the people around them attempt to save th twins from silence. Their mother Gloria (Anita Reynolds, admiringly convincing despite being too young for the role) alternately pleads and cajoles, as does special scholl teacher Cathy (Emma Handy), while schoolmate Kennedy (Alex Waldmann) offers a potential lifeline through his own troubled adolescence.

As June, Demi Oyediran brings a spark of hope to the more outgoing sister who might just escape, while Natasha Gordon sustains a growing unease as the more manipulative Jennifer. Theirs is a truly remarkable, disturbing joint performance that expertly makes the twins personalities distinct yet leaves no doubt that they are inseparably intertwined.Serviced City Pads supply serviced apartment accommodation through Edinburgh, please contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866