Five Reasons for a Return to Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh for the Fringe? Consider a return ticket and another stay at one of Serviced City Pads beautiful serviced apartments to soak up the local atmostphere.

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Imagine that you’re in Edinburgh. You have had the most wonderful day of your entire existence watching Rockefeller Penguins splash at each other and Pandas amble in the winding, leafy Eden that comprises Edinburgh Zoo. The weather, despite the fact that you packed a pair of waterproof trousers, has been glorious. You’ve turned as pink as a Flamingo and even purchased a pair of novelty sunglasses just to survive the sunshine. Jaguars and Leopards are languishing from tree bowers making you jot down mental notes to check the price of hammocks when you get back to your serviced apartment. Because of the difference in Scottish School Holidays, the avenues of the Zoo are free from noisy crowds and every exhibit has a welcome space for you to stand. This is the very definition of spring. Warmth, fresh green sights, the excitement of exploring the awakening streets and highlights of unknown cities.

Although Edinburgh is an extraordinarily popular destination in the summer months; when the population swells with comics, actors, musicians, art critics and buzzing audiences all rolling up for the Edinburgh Festival. The abundance of things to do might stop you from experiencing some of the city’s more permanent attractions. You might miss the chance to walk through the Scottish National Gallery, which calmly invites you to view paintings by Botticelli, Picasso, Chardin and Rembrandt alongside a host of works by native artists. Or perhaps you would be lost for time, when flitting between one gig and the next, to adventure along the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle and gaze down upon the thriving Princess Street Gardens. Lost in laughter, if watching a particularly funny comedian, you might even miss the booming blast of Edinburgh’s one o’clock gun.

Finally, it would be a great loss to live your life without a trip to the Museum of Childhood. Ceekily described as the loudest museum in the world; where people of all ages can indulge in a slice of nostalgia and spend the afternoon playing with toys from a variety of eras. So though booking your stay in an luxurious serviced apartment in Edinburgh for a summer holiday will guarantee you a time you’ll never forget, be sure to come back during a more tranquil period of the year to see the city and all its sights in full.

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