Embrace mind, body and spirit

As you can guess, the Mind Body Spirit Northern Festival has a lot to do with your wellbeing – both inner and physical. This is one of the most highly respected yearly events held in Manchester. This festival celebrates fresh ideas and new ways of thinking, as well as healthy living through different types of exercise such as meditation and yoga.

Now, while yoga and meditation may have been made popular in recent years through the stars of Hollywood, this festival has been around since 1977. The event takes place in the Manchester Central Centre each year and is a must visit for anyone who is interested in their holistic wellbeing.

While the three-day event is in full swing, you can visit and explore more than 100 stalls. Each stall is devoted to natural healing, healthy living and other holistic wellbeing ideas and crafts. Along with that you can also watch and participate in various shows, you can be entertained by various mind and body relaxations or enjoy musical performances.

Not long but too long

The Mind Body Spirit Northern Festival in Manchester is only three days long, not long by festival standards. However, when you consider the costs of hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation, it is too long to be affordable for many across the UK.

What you need is serviced apartments Manchester. These serviced apartments in Manchester offer you a highly affordable option for staying in Manchester for the festival. Not only that, but they are so comfortable that you can continue the relaxation and spiritual healing in privacy in your serviced apartments Manchester once the festivities are over for the day.