Enjoy London’s West End in 2011

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London’s theatreland is reknowed throughout the world for it’s quality plays and attracts some of the most famous actors and actresses to major roles, 2011 is no exception and there are the following plays in the west end.  Swan Lake plays London’s West End from January 22nd to 8th April at the Royal Opera House. Many critics have disputed the original source of the Swan Lake story. The Russian ballet patriarch Fyodor Lopukhov has called Swan Lake a national ballet because of its swans, who originate from Russian lyrically romantic sources, while many of the movements of the corps de ballet originate from Slavonic ring-dances. According to Lopukhov both the plot of Swan Lake (despit the fact it is based on German Source), the image of the Swan was the very idea of a faithful lover are essentially Russian. The Russian folktale also bears the resemblance to the story of the ballet. The contemporaries of Tchaikovsky recalled the composer taking great interest in the life story of the Bavarian King whose tragic life had allegedly been marked by the sign of a swan and who either consciously or not was chosen as the prototype of the dreamer Prince Siegfried. Serviced City Pads short and long stay serviced apartments.
The Children’s Hour starring Keira Knightley January 22nd until April 2nd, two women Karen Wright and Marthie Dobie, have worked hard a to build a girls boarding school in a refurbished farmhouse. They run and teach the school with somewhat unwelcome help of Lily Mortar, Martha;s aunt. One pupil, Mary Tilford, is mischievous, disobient and untruthful, and often leads the other girls into trouble.

One day Mary feigns illness and is being examined a physician, when Mary is found to be healthy she is sent to her room, she squeezes the information out of the girls and plays out retribution and Mary is not allowed to return to the school. Mary convinces her Grandmother the 2 women Karen Wright and Martha Dobie are having a lesbian affair which results in many parents pulling their children out of the school. The boarding school has been ruined as there are no customers due to the lesbian affair.Serviced City Pads.

As the plot comes to a conclusion it transpires that Martha may have had feelings for Karen, Karen tells her Martha is simply tired and needs a rest, Martha now exhausted tells Karen that she is tired and will pick up the discussion in the morning. As Karen sits alone she hears a shot:Martha has killed herself, Mary’s lies have ruined 2 peoples lives together with the community’s willingness to believe and spread malicious gossip. Serviced City Pads are a booking agent of serviced apartments throughout the UK.