Enjoy the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

A really great recommendation this Christmas is a visit to Trafalgar Square which is a magical Winter Wonderland, I decided to take the family down and stay in London where we could make a weekend event.
Trafalgar Square at Christmas has a huge tree which has been donated to the City of London as a gift since 1947 by the City of Oslo for Great Britain’s support during the second world war, each year the Mayor of London (currently the Conservative politician Boris Johnson) visit a forrest just outside the City of Oslo to help select the tree to spend it’s Christmas in Trafalgar Square in Central London.
We left our London Apartment on route to Trafalgar Square to watch the Christmas tree with hundreds of lights, there were a huge amount of Carol singers who also are great at supporting charities at Christmas, I, wife and family sang along to all the great carols and had a wonderful time. After several hours wondering the square we then headed back to our London Serviced Apartment. The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is taken down on the 12th night of Christmas.