Enjoying Culture of Liverpool through a Serviced City Pad

When you visit Liverpool why stay in a hotel room feeling penned into four walls and a windowless bathroom. With serviced city pads you can have loads of living space and a homely environment at the fraction of the cost.

Culture at Home

You will find many centrally placed city pads all over Liverpool, each offering a different experience and face to this vibrant and culturally packed city. In 2008 Liverpool was awarded the status of being the ‘European Capital of Culture’ and boasts more museums and art galleries and exhibitions than any other city in England.

Liverpool has an impressive portfolio of theatres that show a range of works, all year long and its architecture has been the backdrop to many television series. In fact, Liverpool is known to be the most filmed city in Britain, outside London.

Liverpool is proud of its history and during National Heritage Open Days, building of every style and age throw open their doors to the public, whether they be a barn or a castle, church or Buddhist temples, they all offer a glimpse into local history and culture.

So, whether you visit Liverpool on holiday or come for business, stay for a day, a month or longer, you will find an apartment in a location that not only suits your budget, but one that will offer you an insight into this wonderful city.

Whatever location your choose, you can rest assured that you will be housed in an apartment that is in the centre of local attractions and which is furnished to the highest quality, providing space and privacy, and this what serviced pads are all about.