Enjoying the City through the Comfort of a Serviced Apartment

One thing a hotel does not give you is independence. Being able to look after yourself when you want to, cook and eat whatever takes your fancy without having the fuss of having to dress up and attend a restaurant as well as having all the convenient services one may need.

Serviced apartments allow you to move from living area to kitchen, from kitchen to dining room, into the bedroom for a nap and back again, just like being at home, except home does not often offer the luxury of a hotel together with the excitement of being right in the heart of a busy, vibrant city.

City Living without the costs

High class facilities and city real estate are not a new concept in the hospitality industry, but accommodation offering all this plus self service is. Maid services, laundry facilities, 24 hour concierge, easy to access to the city is what it is all about – allowing you to relax and enjoy your stay without the mundane tasks associated with day to day living, while still providing you with the atmosphere and all the amenities of home.

Situated in the heart of a city, serviced pads are designed for people who are looking for a high quality of living. Designed for travellers who want to enjoy the city lights and highlights, service levels and comfort of a hotel living but without sacrificing on other issues like security, comfort and value for money.

Serviced pads offer a cheaper option for the traveller while providing a larger space, autonomy, stylish and comfortable accommodation. They offer excellent value for money. The concept is to provide superior features like luxurious, sophisticated apartments in the heart of the city, with access to high-class restaurants, theatres, entertainment and amenities.