Escaping To The Rat Race In Edinburgh

If you enjoy taking active breaks, then booking luxury serviced apartments in Edinburgh town centre is an excellent idea. You are in the midst of a rugged and beautiful landscape where you can do anything, from rock-climbing to cross-country hiking and mountain-bike trails. Edinburgh combines the challenges of the wilderness with the comforts of an urban landscape. Hardly surprising, then, that it’s also the home of the Rat Race.

This isn’t a comment on Edinburgh’s commercial strategies. It’s an extreme adventure sports’ challenge, started here in 2004 and now played out worldwide.

Described as a way of “bringing adventure sports out of their wilderness and mountain homes, and using these pursuits to uncover adventures in urban locations,” Rat Racing is tremendously popular in the UK, with everyone from school teachers to stressed-out City execs taking part. Celebrity enthusiasts include Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who took part in the inaugural Edinburgh event and now writes for the sport’s magazine “Ratmag.”

Essentially, a Rat Race allows people who are locked in a city environment to take part in sports activities traditionally seen as wilderness pursuits, and serviced apartments in Edinburgh are perfect accommodation solutions at this time.

Teams of Rat Racers take part in professionally organised sports events like kayaking, abseiling, mountain biking and cross-country orienteering (reinvented as city navigation), burning off stress and calories in equal measure. Challenges include kayaking, mountain biking, abseiling, and cross-country racing.

To us at Serviced City Pads, Rat Racing sounds like an excellent way for companies to introduce team-building events. Why not get a team together for the 2010 Rat Race? We have serviced apartments in Edinburgh that would easily accommodate a group – at reasonable rates.