Experiencing Life In Liverpool

Liverpool has famously rebuilt its splendour since the late 1990s to become a thriving city that is the centre for many businesses as well as a popular tourist centre. Liverpool is easily reached from anywhere in the United Kingdom by road or rail and is convenient for visitors wherever you live. Many people come to Liverpool to see the home of the Beatles who became famous in the sixties and all the places that are associated with the Beatles such as The Cavern and Penny Lane. There are many other places of interest in Liverpool for you to visit whether you are visiting for a weekend or a month.

Liverpool is also easily reached from many overseas locations with John Lennon airport being convenient for many flights. There is also a wealth of Liverpool airport hotels to choose from although these can work out to be inconvenient and expensive, depending upon your length of stay and purpose of your visit to Liverpool.

Liverpool airport hotels are convenient but can also be very busy and distracting places which is not conducive to good business. Anyone who is thinking of staying in Liverpool on a business trip may prefer accommodation in the centre of Liverpool which will provide peaceful surroundings as well as home comforts, enabling you to relax whilst you work.

Here at Serviced City Pads we offer a wide range of serviced apartments in Liverpool that are suitable for business or for a party of visitors in search of fun in Liverpool. Our apartments can also work out much cheaper than Liverpool airport hotels as well as being much more convenient.