Find out about Guy Fawkes and Stay in a London Serviced Apartment

Guy Fawkes also know as Guido Fawkes is very famous in the history of London and also throughout the UK. Serviced City Pads supply London Serviced Apartments which can be from one night through to many years if you are working on a corporate project. You can contact Serviced City Pads reservations team on 0844 335 8866.

London Serviced Apartments have become very popular over recent years as a great alternative to London Hotels, I suspect for the following reasons. London Serviced Apartments have more than fifty percent more space than a hotel rooms, you have in additional to hotels a kitchen and more importantly you have a lounge, these two factors give the absolute feeling of a home away from home where you can purchase food from a local supermarket and cook meals in the privacy of you own apartment. There is also another reason, London Serviced Apartments can also work out nearly thirty percent cheaper than London Hotels particularly in this period of recession it’s a great opportunity for leisure and corporate guests to save money on accommodation.Guy Fawkes was born in England in 1570 and was a Catholic, later in his life he moved to Spain and changed his name to Guido Fawkes when he fought in the eighty year spanish civil war on the side of the catholics versus the dutch protestants. Guy Fawkes then returned to England to start a civil war so that the catholics can overturn the protestant King James 1st. Guy met a chap named as Thomas Wintour who introduced him to Robert Gatsby and they went on to the founders of the famous ‘Gunpowder Plot.

London Serviced Apartments have become very popular within the business community particularly for long stay guests who are working on projects, the main reason for this is that the employees are very content in their accommodation and this shows in their project work. Also many members of procurement teams look at London Serviced Apartments for a way to reduce the budget costs on projects. Guy Fawkes and his group purchased land underneath the Houses of Parliament in the year of 1604 with the focus to overthrow the government and the current King to convert the country into a strong catholic power. The group was led by Robert Gatsby however a very strong contributor to this group was Guy Fawkes who was a very robust strong man however had great intelligence and focus, both elements made him a made to be taken as a potential leader. Throughout the UK people celebrate the capture and death of Guy Fawkes every year on Novemeber fifth and call it Bomfire Night, as Guy Fawkes if not capture would have blown up the Houses on Parliament on this dates killing everyone in current power in England.