Flexible Catering Options

For many people who are visiting a large city they automatically think they must stay in a hotel and either pay for meals in the hotel or eat out each day. Dining in the hotel can sometimes dictate when you eat, especially breakfast which will only be served between certain times. If you have had a late night, you may not always feel like eating early. If you are on holiday in a city such as Edinburgh, one of the reasons you will be taking a holiday is to relax and experience freedom. Staying in hotels in Edinburgh can leave you feeling restricted and tied to a schedule.

An alternative to hotels are serviced apartments in Edinburgh, where you will still find a high standard of accommodation but will also be able to experience freedom to do what you like at a time that suits you. If you have a really late night and feel like having a lie in bed, you can do so without being disturbed by the noise of other guests walking up and down the corridors and hotel staff cleaning. You are also able to eat a meal that you have prepared yourself, when you like. In an apartment you will also find convenience if you have a food allergy as you will be able to prepare food yourself so that you know it is safe for you to eat.

Here at Serviced City Pads we cater for all parties and all budgets, although all our serviced apartments in Edinburgh are of a high standard with stylish décor and the comforts of home on hand.