Flights of fantasy in Edinburgh

One of the things that is threaded through modern history and has helped mould the world as we know it today is aircraft. Aircraft may not have been around for centuries, but they have done so much for us from their humble beginnings; the Wright Brothers.

What better way to pay tribute to the aircraft from history to modern times than with a National Museum of Flight. This is exactly what Edinburgh has to offer you. You can visit the National Museum of Flight East at East Fortune airfield.

Flying through our history

For aircraft enthusiasts this museum is a wonderland of fascination. The East Fortune airfield saw the passing of both World Wars and stands as a tribute to aircraft today. You can go and see displays and exhibitions of aircraft from way back when. The aircraft exhibitions held here showcase craft from World War I right through to our modern day. Coming to Edinburgh to see this museum need not be an expensive venture that puts you badly out of pocket.

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