Focus on staying near Trafalgar Square

We at Serviced City Pads make sure all our luxury serviced apartments in London are located conveniently close to public transport links. Although our accommodation in London often has parking facilities, once there it’s usually best to leave the car and rely on London’s excellent tube network to get you around.

One popular location is Trafalgar Square which, although it doesn’t have a tube station of its own, has Charing Cross literally on its doorstep. Charing Cross is also a mainline station, meaning those booking into our apartments have the option of leaving the car behind altogether.

Whether you have booked London serviced apartments for business or pleasure, Trafalgar Square is an excellent choice. Most people know it for Nelson’s Column and the nefarious pigeon population (who still seem to congregate there, although no longer in such prodigious numbers, thanks to Ken Livingstone banning the feeding of them in 2003). In the same year, extensive redevelopment of the north side was finished. This included creation of a pedestrianised area, disabled access lifts, a new cafeteria and the demolition of part of the wall to create a set of wider steps.

All these changes mean that traffic no longer thunders in a 360o circuit round the Square, and Nelson no longer has to be denuded of guano every 3 years. It also means Trafalgar Square is in hot demand as an outdoor conference area – it can be booked just like a meeting room. Maybe this is why our London serviced apartments in Trafalgar Square are so popular with business users.