Football Fans Can Enjoy A Live Manchester Football Match With Serviced Apartments

Have you ever settled for watching the football game on television because travelling to another city to watch it live is too expensive? Well think again. You can afford to travel to and stay over in another city in order to catch that important game live. Having to book yourself into an overpriced hotel is a thing of the past. Introducing Manchester serviced city apartments. So what makes these apartments to great for out of town football lovers?

The best seats in the house are in the stadium, watching the action live

Nothing beats watching your favourite team live, whether they win or lose the experience will stick with you much longer than anything you can watch on the goggle box. City pads are affordable for almost anyone. The variety is endless and if you really do not want to miss that game you can even hire one a stone throw away from the stadium.

Hiring a serviced apartment means that you can go to the game with a bunch of your mates; you only pay a flat rate instead of paying per person sharing, per night. This makes going to watch that Manchester football match live affordable and at the same time loads of fun.

The best part is that a city pad is like your home away from home, if not better, and you can come and go as you please. So if you want to go and enjoy a few drinks at a nearby pub after the game, nobody will look at you skew for coming in late or happy.