Get a London serviced apartment for Tim Key in London

From December to January this winter 2011/12 Tim Key brings his new show to London’s West End, specifically Soho Theatre. With plenty of accommodation options in London, you might be struggling to choose where to stay, however there is no need to worry, just book a serviced apartment in London and all your dreams will (may) come true. An increasingly popular option when compared to hotels, serviced apartments are a solid option when looking for London accommodation.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Tim Key, shame on you. He was the winner of the 2009 Edinburgh Comedy Award for his show ‘Slutcracker’ and back this Winter with another slut-themed titled show ‘Masterslut.’ However when searching for Google for more information on these shows, especially the latter, please be sure to include the phrase ‘Tim Key’ or ‘Comedy Show’ as some unwanted results may appear on the screen. Although if you are a very open-minded person then you may be happy to entertain some of the ideas and imagery that you may encounter. Key’s shows are a mixture of off-beat poetry, weird and wonderful film clips with a distinctively whimsical delivery (as some other website bloggers have described it.) You may have seen him as resident poet on Charlie Brooker’s ‘Newsipe’ or as a joint host of BBC4’s ‘We Need Answers’ along with Mark Watson and Alex Horne. Eagled eyed viewers may also recognise him as Sidekick Simon from Alan Partridge’s new work ‘Mid-Morning Matters.’ The bottom line is, Tim Key is a funny bloke. And he is a different sort of funny so as to make him worth seeing, but not too different that it’s too weird and it would make your mates/girlfriend questions your comedic tastes by inviting them along. Also due to the cynical, popularist celebrity culture we live in, Key is not mainstream yet so it would still be cool to see him. So get in there early before he’s a guest panellist Britain’s got Talent and appears on the Jonathon Ross show and you to have to pay £55 to watch him from 200 yards away at the back of a packed stadium whilst the show is performed live for his DVD released just in time for Christmas. Youtube ‘No More Women’ and watch all the episodes and then they play the game with your mates. Tim Key and Mark Watson will be proud of you and what better place to practice your game than in a London serviced apartment.

For any shows in the West End, getting a serviced apartment is a great option to compliment your night at the theatre. Booking a serviced apartment gives you use of a whole apartment compared to a hotel room which means there’s a separate living room and bedrooms as well as your own kitchen area. Serviced City Pads have a wide selection of serviced apartments in London, and with the excellent tube network, no matter where you are in central London you will never be far away from where you need to be. If Tim Key would like to book his own serviced apartment as his London accommodation option, please get in touch and Serviced City Pads will be glad to help.