Get a London serviced apartment whilst watching football in London.

Most football fans travel to London and not bother staying over in London accommodation whilst they are in the city, but those people are missing out on what the city has to offer. With the demographics of football fans changing year on year, more fans will have the disposable income to enjoy a few nights and be able to book some London serviced apartments.

Since the creation of the Premier League in 1993 the sheer volume of money that has been pumped into the league and its clubs by sponsors and media companies, has drastically changed English football. Top players now earn hundreds of thousands a week and are traded with transfer fees of tens of millions. These wages and transfer fees have risen year on year and this is mostly fuelled by the income clubs receive from media companies and lucrative sponsorship deals. With brand new stadiums for many of the Premier League teams now, this has also seen a big rise in tickets prices for fans which again has changed the way in which football is watched.

The easiest way to see how modern football has changed and how the average football fan has shifted slightly, is to watch a match at the new Wembley stadium. It is a fantastic new stadium that cost hundreds of millions to build and hosts England’s home games and all the big cup finals (and semi-finals, much to the dismay of many managers, pundits and football purists, but definitely not to the dismay of the financial people at the FA.) First of all the cost of a ticket at Wembley is phenomenal and prices out most people when you add in the extra costs of travelling down to London and staying in the city. But secondly is the now familiar scene at the start of the second half in any game at Wembley, where the central tier and the section of the stadium on the half-way line are virtually empty. It is no coincidence that these sections are for corporate guests, tickets given to sponsors and VIPs, or as Roy Keane famously once described, the ‘prawn sandwich brigade.’ That phrase is no synonymous with the cliché of ‘modern football’ and some of the games’ old greats such as Shankley and Clough would be turning in their graves at the state of the modern game; at the highest level anyway.

So if you’re a modern football fan with cash to burn and you need to round off your executive experience after a cushy experience in a box at Wembley/The Emirates/Stamford Bridge, then you should definitely look to book a serviced apartment in London and really round off your stay in style. Serviced City Pads have a wide selection of luxury serviced apartments in London suitable for business or pleasure, located all across the city centre. Never mind London’s great transport links, your chauffeur will have no problem picking you up outside the apartments and taking you wherever you need to go. Get in touch with Serviced City Pads and see what executive London accommodation they can find you.