Get a serviced apartment in London for George Michael.

George Michael’s ‘Syphonica’ tour is coming to London soon. By soon, his first date is tonight (25th October 2012) and he will perform for 4 nights before moving elsewhere round the UK and Europe. If you’re in London to see big George and you don’t have anywhere to stay, why no book a serviced apartment and enjoy the London stay in style. There are plenty of London serviced apartment options to choose from so book the London accommodation quick to avoid disappointment and other bad things!

After years of self-imposed performing exile, Mr. Michael returns playing a series of mega show across the UK in his tour ‘Symphonica.’ He claims the tour is to atone for his ‘sins’ and to say sorry to his many fans for his reckless behaviour in the latter days of his career. For those of you of a more cynical nature, it may strike you that the prices for tickets for these shows are set very high considering that this is for the fans. With cheapest tickets from £69.99 and the most expensive at £2,000, you can be assured that George Michael has no other reason to do a comeback tour than for his fans. If you try to book these online by making up card details, then it won’t work unless  you’re really lucky.

For this tour the goateed popstar will bring along with him a throbbing orchestra delivering a fully erect set of re-imaginings of his own spurtingly vast number of hits, plus a few flaccid covers. It’s with great sadness that we found out the GM split with his partner Kenny Goss after 15 years of being together. They had endured some rough times as well as some difficult times in the media with Michaels activities in public toilets. Also Micheal’s activities with different naughty drugs that he wasn’t supposed to be doing with got him into a spot of bother with the feds. On the other hand, he does do a lot of good stuff for charity which you can read about.

If you’re looking for London accommodation in October in London for to be nearer George Michael, then you should absolutely book a serviced apartment. If you’re already paying so much for the tickets, then just spend more, more, more and book a London serviced apartment. The concerts take place at The Royal Albert Hall so there are some good serviced apartment options nearby.