Get a serviced apartment in London when watching Jedward.

There are plenty of serviced apartments in London available in December for when Jedward roll into town. They will performing live at London’s Hammersmith Apollo so be sure to book your tickets and your serviced apartments early to make sure you aren’t disappointed!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 and half years, ‘Jedward’ as they have been lovingly labelled, are comprised of the identical twins John and Edwards Grimes. They first came to prominence in the 2009 series of x-factor and have gone to become household names. Believe it or not the pair have released several hit singles including their debut in February 2010 Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) feat. Vanilla Ice with another cover of Blink 182s ‘All the small things’ following in July 2010 under their new label Universal after being dropped by Sony. Their debut album ‘Planet Jedward’ reached number 1 in the Irish album charts, number 17 in the UK album charts and went platinum in Northern Ireland. They have recently released, in late 2011, their latest single ‘Lipstick’ which reached the dizzy heights of 40 in the UK charts and rose to number 1 in the Irish charts. What Bono made of this we cannot confirm. All we can assume is that through those tinted glasses whilst lounging around in Bermuda shorts in his luxury mansion in a island tax haven, he celebrated another successful chapter in Ireland’s proud music history as Jedward stormed the charts with another hit single that demonstrated the nations diverse and cultural music styling. The quiffed semi-quad due also have a deal with Universal for 3 studio albums. With the second ‘Victory’ being released on 5th August 2011, there’s still more to come don’t you worry.

The other, and probably more successful, side of the Jedward saga is their television careers. Most would probably agree that they are more tolerable to listen to when you can actually see them with their funny little faces and gravity defying hairstyles, so they have proved quite popular with TV audiences of a certain ilk. As well as several high profile appearances on radio and television chat shows, the dynamic duo have also had their own shows commissioned including ‘Jedward Let Loose.’ They have also infamously appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 2011, that generation defining TV show that can makes or breaks a star. They finished third behind a gypsy boxer and that lady that does the adverts for Iceland. However they did manage to finish higher than Tara Reid.

The brothers Grime will be appearing live at the Hammersmith Apollo on December 6th and you can expect to hear all of their hits. Fans of the pair have been patiently waiting to see them for a while now so get your tickets booked and get on the Jedward train for a journey you definitely won’t regret or by quickly bored by.

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