Get your Bristol accommodation while David Hasselhoff is in town!

This December, looking for Bristol accommodation will have an extra tinge of excitement to it when you know that David Hasselhoff will be prowling the streets during the Winter months. There are a few different ways that you’ll be able to see him so make sure you get some good accommodation in Bristol as you might be there more than a few nights. The prospect of staying a hotel for several weeks might seem quite daunting to many, so why not try booking a Bristol serviced apartment during your stay?

This December will see David Hasselhoff, star of Baywatch and Knightrider, arrive in Bristol. Primarily he will be starring in the Christmas Pantomine playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the Hippodrome. The Hoff first gained fame from appearing as Michael Knight in Knightrider a guy who drove around in a talking car called KITT helping people in need and generally being a good guy, all with the cool and swagger of the mid-80s. His next big part came in a lifeguard-com Baywatch which saw him play Mitch Buchannan. This show revolved around the lives of a load of lifeguard in LA, all of whom were stunning good looking, often scantily clad and well endowed. The show was actually cancelled after its first series, but The Hoff saw potential in it so spent his own money getting the show back on air and it turned out to be a great success second time round, carrying on for 10 more years and going to be America’s most watched TV series. As The Hoff had put his own money into it he also got a huge chunk of the profits so this set him well on the way to being rich and famous. After this he had some musical success, mostly in Germany and other German speaking European nations, and then recently he has become sort of re-famous after, either by luck or clever marketing, he has become a bit of a cult figure. Often parodied, often ridiculed, but all the time pocked thousands of pounds in appearance fees, so good on him.

In the biggest coup in Bristol since David James, The Hoff will be playing at the Hippodrome for the 2011 swashbuckling pantomime performance as Captain Hook in Peter Pan. You know the story, so get yourself down with the kids! And if seeing The Hoff in theatre action was not enough for you, then you can also see him wow the crowds in Bristol city centre on the first day of December when in Cabot Circus he officially launches a giant advent calendar! Every day a door will be opened and a prize will be given to lucky winners. The first door will be opened by The Hoff and he will pick an audience member at random to give the prize to.

If you’re travelling down to the SouthWest and looking to stay for a bit, then you’ll be looking for Bristol accommodation and what better type to look for than serviced apartments. They provide more space than you would get in a typical hotel room and also mean you have the use of a fully fitted and furnished apartment rather than just the bed and TV you would find in a hotel. With Bristol serviced apartments you would be sure to get your money’s worth and be a prime position to see The Hoff in all his Germanic glory without having to worry about your accommodation in Bristol.