Get your Christmas Treats at Borough Market

Christmas day will soon be here and a great place to shop for great produce is Borough Market in South London, I suggest a stay in London would be a perfect treat prior to Christmas.
What can you expect from Borough Market, Borough Market is a food market and you have a whole range of rural producers selling fruit and vegetables through to cafe’s selling bubble and squeak in a breakfast barm. I stayed in a London Apartment located near Borough market so we were up early to sample the wonderful produce on sale; I was cooking Christmas lunch so would look at my list of the elements to purchase. Straight to the vegetable stall, all the products on the stall had come from the farm in Suffolk, great big potatoes for Roasties and not forgetting turnips, sprouts, broccoli the Suffolk produce was absolutely fantastic. Next was the free range turkey, my wife pulled me over to an organic turkey stall, these chaps had come up to London from Hampshire, we managed to get a really large free range turkey for a fraction of what you would have paid in the big four supermarkets. After a day shopping at Borough Market we then popped back to our London Serviced Apartment to relax and sample the mulled wine we had also bought at the market