Get your London Accommodation for the BT Christmas Concert.

This Christmas book your London accommodation early to avoid disappointment and make sure you have a serviced apartment to relax in when you’re enjoying Christmas in the capital. The BT Christmas Concert at the Royal Albert Hall has been running for at least 1 year as far as I can tell, so they’re going to know what they’re doing so you probably won’t be disappointed. Like before when you weren’t disappointed about getting the London accommodation.

The BT Christmas Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (don’t worry, Christmas hasn’t changed its name to ‘BT Christmas’ it’s not in the bible as luckily corporate sponsorship didn’t exist in those days. But maybe one day a large company will sponsor Christmas? I don’t think that idea is too farfetched as most things are sponsored now these days, sports teams, stadiums and arenas, television shows, competitions etc. Why not a date? Imagine “Thornton’s Mothers Day” or “The Guiness New Year” or “May Day in association with Natwest.” I think that could well happen soon, but anyway…) will take place on the 14th December in London.

The show itself is hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky described by the Mail as a ‘former autocutie’ who is a newsreader and television presenter. It features a host of classic music orchestras and performers including Matthew Hargreaves (baritone) Malcom Hicks (organ) City of London Choir (singing) The London Oratory School Schola (probably singing) Royal Air Force Squadranaires (singing pilots?) Anthony Inglis (conductor) London Concert Orchestra (an orchestra.) So sounds good to me, and they will all be doing Christmassy songs or ‘festive delights.’ There will also be indoor fireworks apparently, which to me doesn’t sound too great an idea. I imagine Mario Balotelli will have had something to do with this aspect of the concert, but what the organisers are doing getting a professional footballer to help with the organisation of the event, especially one with such as questionable reputation, is beyond me.

If you are travelling down to London to see the concert, then why not book a serviced apartment to satisfy your lusting London accommodation needs? With a serviced apartment you get the use of a whole apartment as opposed to just the 4 walls of a hotel room (however There would be probably be an en-suite though so there would technically be more than 4 walls as most hotels are no more advanced than having a an open plan toilet and bathroom.) When booking your London accommodation why not try Serviced City Pads who have a wide selection of serviced apartments across the city.