Glasgow airport accommodation

Glasgow airport offers travellers an impressive choice of worldwide destinations. Those leaving from Glasgow and those coming into the city for either business or pleasure often require accommodation near Glasgow airport. Accommodation near the airport can be highly practical and pleasant too.

There are number of affordable hotels at Glasgow airport but these hotels get extremely busy and often do not offer a relaxing and luxurious place to stay. Lots of guests staying in a hotel means lots of noise and because these hotels are affordable, hotel rooms are often small and basically decorated.

If you are looking for more than this from your accommodation, hotels at Glasgow airport may not be suitable for your wants and needs. Instead, luxurious serviced apartments near Glasgow airport could be the perfect alternative.

Serviced apartments offer distinguished travellers everything they could hope for from their accommodation. They are spacious, comfortable and are fully furnished so have everything you will want and need there just waiting for you. They are quiet and provide a private haven away from the hustle and bustle of the busy hotels. If you are looking for somewhere special to stay, serviced apartments may be the best accommodation for you.

At Serviced City Pads, we have a number of luxurious serviced apartments in Glasgow and some are located near Glasgow airport. Our apartments are available for a range of budgets and in a selection of sizes too. If you are not tempted by one of the hotels at Glasgow airport, consider one of our stunning apartments instead.