Going to the Manchester Jazz Festival next year? Why not stay in a serviced apartment!

The Manchester Jazz festival 2012 was another huge success, and will be returning in 2013. If you love jazz music, you’ll love Manchester next summer. If you take the chance to go, you’ll be lucky enough to see the wide array of musical talents which cater for all types of person. If this year’s event is any guide, there will be less known artists as well as big names, you’ll catch some wacky acts as well as classic relaxing musical stars. There is something for all jazz lovers! You will not be disappointed.

From 13th July- 21st July 2012, the Manchester Jazz Festival took place across the city. It was a great chance to celebrate the spirit of jazz with masses of other people who share a passion for the music. The atmosphere was electric and the Manchester Jazz Festival is something never to be forgotten by those lucky enough to attend! Matt and Phred’s Jazz Club and Band on the Wall were just two of the dozens of venues where the festival took place. There were also plenty of free gigs taking place as part of the festival, making it a bargain not to be missed! So, whether you will be returning in 2013 or are looking to attend the festival for the first time, you should definitely find the time to visit Manchester next summer.

If you’re planning on attending the Manchester Jazz Festival or any other event in the city next year, you’ll need to make preparations for your stay. Accommodation is always a top priority. However, you may feel you don’t have time to look into the best options for where to sleep. Let Serviced City Pads do all the hard work for you! We have highly rated serviced apartments in Manchester, many of which are in the city centre. All of our apartments boast the comforts of home away from home, with each apartment having a living and dining area. Take a look at the apartment listings on the Serviced City Pads website and see pictures of the Manchester holiday apartments that we have to offer. If you want to find out what’s available to you for your visit, contact us by telephone on  0844 335 8866. Here you can chat to a friendly member of our reservations team who will be happy to answer any queries and even make a booking for you. You can also enquire through our website using our quick contact form, or by enquiring about a particular apartment.