Graduation accommodation in Manchester

Congratulations! You have finished your exams and July will see you Graduate in manchester. What a fantastic achievement and one that your family and friends will be so proud of. All that hard work, or was it just hard drinking, has paid off. So, you are heading back to manchester for a couple of nights with your family to show them your old haunts before having a photograph taken that will haunt you for years to come!

Hold on, you need somewhere for you and the family to stay in Manchester don’t you? A hotel in Manchester might be the best option for your visit but if there are 4 or 5 of you, it might mean that you end up having to book 3 hotel rooms and that could work out expensive, especially if you are staying in Manchester for 2 or 3 nights. 

Have you considered booking a serviced apartment in manchester city centre instead of booking those hotel rooms? Many of the apartments in Manchester that can be booked with Serviced City Pads  have 2 bedrooms, but can sleep 5 people (or more). This really helps bring the cost of the trip down and means that you have a central space where you can relax and enjoy time as a family. You can’t do that in a hotel. If the family congregate in 1 of those hotel rooms, it will mean at least 3 of you perched on the edge of a bed and the other 2 cramped in a small sofa. Serviced Apartments in Manchester have a spacious living and dining area. You won’t feel pressured to always leave your accommodation behind and meet up elsewhere. There will be ebough dressing up for the day of your graduation. You will also need some time to chill out and enjoy your Manchester visit.

To book a serviced apartment in manchester please call 0844 335 8866. We have a wide range of apartments to rent acoss central manchester that will suit small or large families, or even if you are coming to Manchester on your own – a studio apartment is stil more spacious and will make for a more cost effective trip than booking a hotel in Manchester.