Hilton to open new Hotel in Liverpool

Hilton is to open it’s first landmark hotel in Liverpool city centre. The hotel is due to open it’s doors in October 2009. This new hotel is situated on Thomas Steers Way, it’s structure curling around the greenery of Chavasse Park, and is is the final jigsaw in the recent Liverpool One retail development. The hotel will offer 215 guest rooms of varying sizes as well as 15 meeting rooms. Each room from the hotel will offer views of the city skyline or the Albert Dock and Rivery Mersey.

Chris Rose, Director at Serviced City Pads a Liverpool based Serviced apartment booking company thinks that this can only be a good thing for Liverpool and it’s visitors. He commented, “Having the famous Hilton brand can only help improve the perception of Liverpool to the visitor. I believe it will stimulate demand for short stay accommodation in Liverpool, and not just to the Hilton Hotel. At Serviced City Pads are currently concentrating our offering on taking bookings for serviced apartments, but we do plan to add hotels in Liverpool to our website in the near future. I also believe that increasing the number of hotel rooms in Liverpool city centre isn’t necassarily a bad thing for serviced apartment operators. The two products aren’t directly comparable. Infact, I believe that the addition of well run city centre hotels will prove to be more of a thorn in the side of poorly run hotels. This developing market means that the fittest will survive and the ultimate beneficiary is the consumer, the guest, and that can only be a good thing. Shoddy operators, whether serviced apartment operators or hotels will disappear, or be forced to improve their offering. With hotel rooms in Liverpool having previously been in such short supply, many operators have had it too easy for too long.

Obviously everybody at Serviced City Pads is very keen to work with Hilton in the future. We are, however, concentrating on getting our current serviced apartment offering right for our consumer. As I said, there is room for well run serviced apartments and hotels in the same market, and the addition of hotels in Liverpool has got to be a good thing”

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