History uncovered, Mary King’s Close

Edinburgh is extremely rich in especially one thing; history. In one city ancient and modern come together in a melting pot of sophistication and grand nostalgia. Many people come to Edinburgh solely to view and experience its vast variety of architecture. However, along with the architecture of old come a few interesting history heritage spots. One such spot in Mary King’s Close, preserved in the Old Town of Edinburgh.

To give you an idea of the age of this close, the Old Town is the oldest part of the city. The Close itself dates back to during or before the 1700’s. Mary King’s close was sealed off in the year of 1753 and then built over. It is on the sight of the Edinburgh City Chambers.

If you are a lover of experiencing history or ghost stories, this is a must visit for you. You can go on guided tours of the close, hearing stories of fact and fiction about the historic sight.

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