Ideal for Business

Liverpool is perhaps most widely known for being a city of culture and entertainment, but it is also home to many offices, industries, and organisations. As such, a lot of business people travel to the region to stay for meetings and seminars or for short term working contracts. A lot of families have relocated to Liverpool in the past to follow their careers, and have successfully found new homes, jobs, and schools for all of the family.

Very Short Term Stays

After a long business meeting or seminar, a hotel room isn’t the most appealing location for a lot of people. Rather than ordering room service and worrying over the cost of the mini bar or finding that the tea and coffee supplies are all gone, serviced city apartments offer a level of convenience and relaxation that aren’t afforded by hotels.

Fully Furnished Apartments And Fitted Kitchens

Fully furnished apartments include fitted kitchens as well as pleasant living rooms and bedrooms. Local restaurants and takeaways are just a phone call or a few steps away because serviced apartments are located in the heart of residential areas (unless you want an apartment that’s out of the way, of course).

Making Business Trips Bearable With Serviced Apartments

Longer business trips make hotel living even less appealing, more expensive, and typically less healthy. Living from the suitcase isn’t many people’s idea of fun. If you’re starting a temporary contract or are looking to relocate completely to Liverpool it’s possible to arrange accommodation for a single night, several nights, or many months and enjoy a more personable and enjoyable stay in the beautiful city of Liverpool.