Incredible views over London from The London Eye

You can’t really imagine the London skyline without the London Eye and yet it is incredible to think that such a famous landmark was only erected on the banks of the River Thames nine years ago (in 2000). The London eye was designed by Mark Barfield architects and has attracted over 30 million vistors since it’s launch. The London eye was originally known as the Millennium Whell and was previously sponsored by British Airways and is now sponsored by Merlin entertainments. 

Serviced City Pads would go as far to say that no visit to London would be complete without experiencing the London Eye. Views from each capsule can span up to 40 kilometres in each direction – as far as Windsor Castle on aclear day. You may see the Queen! When full the Londo Eye can carry up to 800 people and it takes around 30 minutes to complete each flight. Particular highlights to look out for below you are Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, Nelson’s Column, BT Tower and many other Famous Central London Landmarks. Tickets for your London Eye flight can be booked by calling 0870 5000 600.

Much like booking your serviced apartment in London, the London eye is a huge tourist attraction and should be booked in advance. Serviced City Pads would suggest that once you have the dates set out that you are planning to visit London call 0844 335 8866 and speak to one of the Reservations Team at Serviced City Pads. We will be delighted to help organise your accommodation in London and as we have a wealth of knowledge of London and what it has to offer the London tourist (members of the SCP team spent years living in London) we will be able to help plan your trip.

There is so much that a short stay in London can offer as London is a city with such heritage and history. A serviced apartment in London that can be booked with Serviced City Pads will offer you the perfect base for your visit. An apartment offers a different dimension to staying in a london hotel. Of course, a hotel room can offer certain comforts and can be quite a formal place to stay. You will benefit from eating in the hotel restaurant, but what if you wanted to cook your own food? Staying in a London serviced apartment which comes with a fully fitted kitchen will allow you the option of cooking the food that you want rather than the food that is on the menu. The option of cooking your own meals (whether that is for your full family or if you are on your own) will probably mean that you save money which in turn will mean you will be able to visit more of the London attractions, including The London Eye. Staying in an apartment, as well as offering your family considerably more space than a hotel room, will prove to be a more economic option for your visit.

Serviced City Pads has wide range of apartments in a number of London locations. It is just a question of booking the one that fits your requirements the best, and that’s what we are here to do. Give us a call on 0844 335 8866 to chat about your stay in London.