Independence And Flexibility

Serviced apartments offer the advantage of being the most flexible form of accommodation in Liverpool for the visitor. They provide a genuine alternative to hotel stays at a comparatively similar price but because they’re self service and the visitor can find properties that are located throughout the region, they provide visitors with the perfect city accommodation.

Serviced apartments in Liverpool are fully furnished with a fitted kitchen, bathroom, and ample living space. Where hotel rooms can prove cramped even under the best circumstances, a serviced apartments offers a spacious and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re planning to visit Liverpool for the music, sport, heritage, or on a business trip there is no better way to start your plans than with serviced accommodation.

You don’t need to rely on room service or fixed meal times and limited menus. Self catering accommodation puts you in control of your own itinerary and instead of having to fit your visit around hotel times, you can plan your stay exactly how you want to. Take in some of the incredible architecture and even see some Superlambananas before stopping at your apartment for a bite to eat and then heading out to to the Cavern to enjoy a Beatles themed evening.

Whatever the reason for your stay, serviced accommodation provides a viable alternative to hotels in Liverpool. They offer the comfort and luxury of a fully furnished apartment with its own fitted kitchen, with the flexibility of being able to plan your own stay in the European capital of culture.