Intermediate Stays the answer to Corporate Accommodation requirements?

At Serviced City Pads, we have noticed over the last 2.5 years a growth in the requirement for what Martin Holt, the Sales Director at Serviced City Pads has termed Intermediate stays (estate agents in London have started to call them Short Lets). These are stays of between 6 weeks and 6 months, it may be for a group of project workers working away from home or a team of consultants staying in another city. Short stay corporate accommodation requirements: often business people working away for a night or so who either want to stay in a serviced apartment or a hotel who are happy to spend £100 per night. They may be in London for a couple of nights a week and then head back home or back to their office. In this case the apartments are fully serviced – usually once or twice a week – with linen and towels changed and the serviced apartment cleaned throughout.

The Intermediate stays that are required are normally required at prices lower than those offered by serviced apartment operators. However, the project team don’t want the hassle of on AST. A 6-12 month AST can, on the face of it be a very reasonably priced option but it is not a flexible option for the corporate client who will not want the hassle of setting up standing orders for electricity bills, telephones, broadband accounts and council tax. On the other hand, if they are going to stay in an apartment for 3 months then they are often happy enough to do their own cleaning and servicing.

This is where an Intermediate stay comes into it’s own. Intermediate stay apartments London are often provided to the market not by serviced apartment operators but by city centre letting agents or property developers. In this instance all bills for the property are covered within the rent. This is a turn key accommodation in London solution, effectively a serviced apartment without the servicing element. The prices that can be offered to the corporate client make the stay much more affordable and the client can retain the flexibility of not being tied to a 12 month contract. Bookings are usually made by the month with each month paid in advance. These fees are generally not refundable but include all bills such as wi-fo, electricity and water. Apartments for Intermediate stays are fully furnished to the same standards as you would expect hotels and serviced apartments in London and across the UK. 

Serviced City Pads now has a number of corporate clients who are making requests for these intermediate stays and would like to speak to more companies who have similar accommodation requirements.

At the same time, Serviced City Pads is keen to speak with more city centre letting agents across the UK to discuss how we can help provide better returns on their properties.  

If you are interested to learn more about Serviced City Pads and Intermediate stays in city centre apartments then call 0844 335 8866 and we will be delighted to discuss with you.