Ireland V’s England – Six Nations Rugby – Serviced Apartments London

So the Six Nations is back in action again and proves to be one of the sporting highlights of 2010. Will Ireland be able to hold onto their crown or will one of the other 5 nations be able to strip them of it. Who are the contenders? Italy – Ireland have already successfully beaten the Italians on Irish soil and they did it at a canter taking away some of the comments that the Irish don’t have as strong a side as they did last year. Scotland – they haven’t had much success in the six nations over recent years and were quite easily dispatched by France on their home soil last weekend. Wales – a country who live, breathe and eat rugby 24/7 but were undone by England in the opener last Saturday – but not without an admirable fight.

So with one game down only 3 teams can still walk away with the grand slam – and who will it be? France? England? Or current champions Ireland? Well I know one game that all Irish (myself included) had pencilled into their diaries as soon as the fixtures were announced. Yes, that’s right the England V’s Ireland game in Twickenham on February 28th 2010 @ 4pm. This game is immersed in long running history and rivalry and carries with it bragging rights for the rest of the year.

If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on some tickets then you will be looking for some accommodation while you are in London, and what better way than to stay in some Serviced Apartments with all the comforts of home. We have apartments spread out all across London with prices, locations and varying degrees of luxury to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. 

The best thing about staying in a serviced apartment is that you have so much more space than in a cramped hotel room and all of our apartments have fully fitted kitchens as well as fully furnished open plan living/dining rooms. With these types of facilities you can relax and unwind in front of the TV and watch the highlights of the match (after Ireland whip England) or you can cook your dinner rather than going into London where everywhere will be over crowded and expensive.

Another of the advantages that you get in a serviced apartment is that you have a nice big fridge to store all that lovely bubbly for when you are celebrating your teams win (well only if your following the men in Green) which is something a hotel will not let you do. So whether you are following Ireland or England in this game and if you are in need of some accommodation then please give Serviced City Pads a call and our reservations team will help to find you an apartment in the right location at the right price.

We may not be going to the world cup this year (something to do with some certain cheats that I won’t name) but we will be able to have a good go at the Rugby. Come on the men in green!!!