Is your business still staying in London hotels?

The title poses a genuine question. Is your business still booking hotel rooms for it’s employees who work away from home? Not only is this a genuine question, but the emphasis of the question is on the word “still”. It would be wrong to suggest that staying in a hotel is an out of date form of corporate accommodation. What is unusual is the lack of understanding amongst corporate accommodation bookers the opportunity to use serviced apartments. There seems to be a misconception that you can only book short stay apartments for months at a time. This is simply not the case. Serviced apartments can be booked from as little as 1 night, whether that is to stay in London or other UK cities.

At Serviced City Pads, we find that once a company has placed an employee in a serviced apartment, they usually book there again. It is the first step from booking a hotel in London (for example) to booking a London serviced apartment, that is the biggest step. It is much like procurement divisions who have only ever bought IBM computers or consumers who have always bought Hoover branded vacuum cleaners. A habit! This is a habit that needs to be broken (Dyson managed to break the strangelhold that Hoover had on the domestic cleaning market), and like many other industries the serviced apartment booking industry needs to educate the corporate customer that an apartment in London is a fantastic alternative to staying in a London serviced apartment. Amazingly, many of the people we speak to don’t even enjoy staying in a hotel. It’s just that habit again.

At Serviced City Pads, we actually feel that staying in a hotel in London for very short stays is the right option to go with (rather than book a corporate apartment in london). However, as soon as that stay becomes more than a couple of days you have to ask yourself would you rather be in a cramped hotel room or have the space and relaxed atmosphere of a serviced apartment. Once a stay is forecast to be 3 days or more, Serviced City Pads suggests that the comapny in question should then consider booking a London serviced apartment.

Serviced City Pads is a company that specialises in booking serviced apartments around the UK. We have developed relationships with many apartment operators around the UK to ensure that we find the perfect accommodation at competitive prices for our corporate clients who continue to book with us.

For more information us, please go to and we will be delighted to discuss your business accommodation requirements and let you know why staying in a serviced apartment in London is a viable alternative to booking a London hotel room.