Jamie Cullum in London: get a serviced apartment

Book a serviced apartment in London when you are down in the city to watch Jamie Cullum. There’s so much to see and do in London that it would completely idiotic to stay for just 1 night if you’re going to see a gig or something. Stay for several nights and really enjoy what London has to offer, and what better base to have for your stay in a London than a serviced apartment.

Everybody’s favourite jazz pop artist musician boy man will be playing an exclusive gig at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town Q and Mean Fiddler are delighted to announce the stellar line up for this year’s series of shows at London’s HMV Forum Kentish Town to launch the 2011 Q Awards. This is a week-long run of shows with headliners including the ginger maestro Ed Sheeran, the South African Football team Kaiser Chiefs, Bromley’s finest Pixie Lott and good ol’ Jamie Cullum; Cullum of course being the highlight of the series. However instead of sticking to cultural norms and saving the best till last, they have decided to open with the top dog as on Tuesday 18th October 2011 crazed jazz puppy Jamie Cullum will play his live show at the HMV Forum which will feature jazz classics, his own compositions and some unique covers. He rarely follows a set list apparently, so you’ll see lots of improvisation on stage, meaning no two shows are ever the same.

Jamie Cullum rose to prominence mostly after his second studio album ‘Twentysomething’ which went platinum and became the No. 1 selling studio album by a jazz artist in the United Kingdom. Cullum ended 2003 as the UK’s biggest selling jazz artist of all time, quite a feat considering the what’s in the charts these days. The Cullum is known for mixing jazz with other styles such as pop and hip hop and he released his fifth album, The Pursuit, in 2009. It was hailed as his most ambitious to date by all sorts of people.

For those travelling to London to witness the Cullum, be sure to book a serviced apartment for your stay to really round off the experience. Compared to a London of hotel of equivalent standard, serviced apartments can sometimes work out better value for money and also you get so much more space in an apartment. The London self-catering aspect is also something that is increasingly popular as it means people aren’t forced to spend heavily eating out at restaurants or expensive food in hotels.