Join the Urban Rat Race

The Urban Rat race has taken the world by storm and the Edinburgh Urban Rat Race event is something many people will simply not miss. The Rat Race has even taken supreme sports out of the countryside and put it slap-dab in the middle of cities.

The Edinburgh Rat race is held yearly. It includes gamut events such as the Mean Streets event that participants cover on foot over a three-hour period. The Rat Race events are kept secret and none of the participants knows until just before the start.

These adventure and adrenaline junkies turn the city of Edinburgh upside down, as they kayak, abseil, bike and run around. Regular participants will tell you the only constant is that nothing is ever the same.

Urban rats unite

Some of the events are physically gruelling and others are absolutely hilarious. It is little wonder that people come from all over to be part of this modern day rat race with a twist. This eagerly awaited yearly event caters to people with varying levels of fitness. All that is needed is a thirst for adventure as teams of three thunder around having as much fun as possible.

Rat Racers book accommodation in serviced apartments well ahead of the event so as to be sure they have their accommodation in hand. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh hold great appeal for the Rat Racers as it is economical.

It has all the possible comforts of home and can accommodate groups as well as families. After the rats have raced their hearts out, they come to relax and kick off their shoes in their well-appointed serviced apartment.