Laundry Services are part of and parcel of Serviced Pads

Who would not want someone to do their laundry for them? While serviced pads offer you all the comfort and privacy of being at home, they offer all the services you would expect to find if you stayed in a hotel, and one of these is the benefit of having your laundry done.

Travelling light means Laundry

Unless you travel for long periods of time most people have to pack light, and this means arriving at your destination with a case full of creased clothes. You may also have to stretch your wardrobe out by wearing your clothes more than once during your stay. This means that they will need cleaning and pressing so that you can be well turned out and presentable, especially if you are travelling on business.

Whilst on holiday or business, doing your own laundry may just not suit you, so it is imperative that laundry services are available when you need them, and this all helps toward making your stay less stressful and more pleasurable. Serviced pads offer you the service of having your clothes cleaned or dry cleaned safely and professionally by using reliable external laundry companies.

Once you have made a list of each article of clothing that needs attention, you can leave your apartment sound in the knowledge that they will be returned to you clean, safe and sound.

Serviced pad prefer to outsource this service to specialised companies who will collect your laundry and return it when done, usually the same day. There are costs you will have to pay per article, but if you have the time and are so inclined, some serviced pads offer on site, self-serviced launderette facilities.