Leith has it all

If you are looking for a festival that has everything and anything from music to arts, tours, dance, food and much, much more, then the Leith festival in Edinburgh is just for you. This festival is jam packed with everything and anything you could possibly want to see from photography to music, a gala day, a parade and so much more.

It is a huge festival that packs everything into one. Forget about travelling all over the UK for one festival and then another, just drop in when the Leith festival is in swing. The best part about this festival is that you can take advantage of the serviced apartments in Edinburgh and make the trip ultra-affordable, even in the financial pinch.

Service at its best

Serviced apartments in Edinburgh, much like the Leith festival, have it all. You can choose from super luxury or a simple roof over your head. It all comes down to personal preference and budget. You can make it even more worth while when you get a few friends together and take the trip as a group and stay in one large apartment.

This cuts the costs of accommodation and friends always add even more fun to the mix with the Leith festival. When you come to Edinburgh there are two things you need to do. The first is to book your serviced apartments in Edinburgh ahead of time. The second is to make sure you know exactly what is happening when and were so that you don’t miss out on a thing.