Let the Beltane fires burn

Every year the Beltane Fire Festival is held in Edinburgh on the 30th of April. This is a stunning festival that draws crowds from near and far. The attendance grows each year as the fame of this festival spreads and, at present, roughly 12,000 people gather on Carlton Hill at this date.

This is one event you should mark on your calendar so that you make sure you get to Edinburgh to be part of the dancing, drumming, processions and absolute revelry. The first thing that you should plan for is your accommodation in Edinburgh for this festival. Now, it does not matter if a family, a couple or a group of friends want to come together to be at the festival. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh cater to all your accommodation needs.

Comfort and economy

Serviced apartments in Edinburgh range from economy to luxury apartments to appeal to the widest client market and give you the best choice for your specific needs. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh have all modern conveniences of a home, are centrally located for convenience and ease of travel. The apartments are absolutely cost-effective as you pay per apartment per night, no matter the number of people staying.

This means you can afford to come to Edinburgh for the Beltane Fire Festival and have enough money to spend as well. The organisers work the whole year long to make this festival perfect and pack in as much fun as possible.

Come and celebrate the rebirth of summer at this yearly festival with affordable accommodation with serviced apartments in Edinburgh and be part of the dancing, drama and fun.