LFC troubles mount with Champions League defeat

With the upcoming visit of Manchester United to Anfield this coming weekend, it is proving to be a tough start to the season for Rafa Benitez’s team who last night suffered their fourth consecutive defeat of the season at the hands of Lyon in the Champions League, with Lyons winning goal being scored deep into injury time which must put question marks against Liverpool FC qualifying for the last 16 of this season’s Champions League competition. This defeat follows hard on the heels of the now famous beachball incident which led to defeat at Sunderland. With the coming visit of Manchester United to Liverpool this coming weekend Liverpool need to bounce back to maintain any sort of challenge in the English Premier League.

It is clear that the Liverpool economy (much the same as in Manchester) is driven by foreign LFC supporters staying in Liverpool to visit Anfield, and if the team do slip out of this years Champions League at such an early stage it would have a detrimental effect on that local economy. This is particularly true when you condifer the additional away team supporters that flood into the city, renting apartments in Liverpool, visiting restaurants, going shopping etc. The issue is exacerbated when you think that these Champions League fixtures are played during midweek when the occupancy levels of serviced accommodation in Liverpool is at it’s lowest.

Serviced City Pads take many serviced apartment bookings from Liverpool FC supporters who travel to see their team play from afar (particularly Scandinavia and Ireland), so less games at Anfield each season will definitely hit business. If there are less people staying in the city then it means less tables booked at restaurants, less sold in the shops of Liverpool One.

Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United team will be looking to go in for the killl on Sunday. There isn’t a free bed in the city this weekend and that just goes to show how important football is to the North West economy.

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