Liverpool, home of the Beatles

Liverpool is home to many great and wonderful things and one of those very things is the Beatles. Music legends that have left their impression on the world, the Beatles have left a significant footprint on Liverpool.

Beatles enthusiasts and fans can enjoy a weekend trip to Liverpool to visit the homes of two of their idols. Too expensive to travel to Liverpool just for that? Is money too tight to mention? Not to worry. Liverpool serviced apartments are on your side. You can afford to go to Liverpool and embrace the legend of the Beatles.

Keeping the legends alive

Liverpool is a great place to help keep the music legends alive. Take a trip to Liverpool and visit two important Beatles buildings and enjoy a stay in serviced apartments. Liverpool serviced apartments allow you to choose your accommodation style and price so that it suites your budget. You can choose from top quality luxury to a humble abode to rest your head at night.

From your base in one of Liverpool’s many serviced apartments you can visit Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road. Mendips is the home in which John Lennon and his aunt lived during his youth. 20 Forthlin Road is the home Sir Paul McCarthy stayed in as a child.

Both homes are well worth the visit for Beatles enthusiasts and music fans alike. Liverpool serviced apartments make it possible and affordable to trace these music legends to their childhood roots. You don’t have an excuse why you cannot embrace your love for the legends anymore.