London Accommodation for the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Weekend

After first getting engaged last month whilst in Kenya, the details of the wedding of Prince William and Katie Middleton were announced this week. The wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey in London on Friday 29th April 2011. This will be the first royal wedding for 6 years since Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles and the usual excitement in the media has ensued. Any royal event such as this always causes mass excitement in the media and population and the usual waves of patriotism, miniature flag waving and all things quintessentially British will be brought out and seen all across the newspapers. Needless to say, thousands of royal fans will be heading down to London to line the streets and offer their congratulations to the newlyweds. Accommodation in London is already close to capacity so during big events getting a room is always at a premium. That’s why more and more serviced apartments are appearing across Central London and more and more people are converting from hotels to apartments. The royal wedding will be no different, so if you’re planning on heading down to London and are in need of accommodation, why not try looking for a serviced apartment instead?

These days whenever there is any news on the royal family, there is also an increasing wave of anti-royal feeling among British people. The royal family is being seen by more people as waste of taxpayers’ money or a historically obsolete entity that has no place in a modern democratic state. In these economically tough times, the huge sums of money that go into servicing the royals seems more difficult for people to  justify their existence. However even the most sceptical of people will be welcome the news that an extra Bank Holiday has been announced on Friday 29th April 2011 in celebration of the wedding. The prospect of a 4 day weekend is excitement enough for anyone regardless of whether you are a royal supporter of not.

Many people will use this rare opportunity for a long weekend to take a city break and London would be the perfect choice as one of the world’s major cities. Why not spend a weekend in London soaking up the atmosphere of the royal wedding whilst being a tourist for the weekend. If you’re staying for a few nights in London then a serviced apartment would be the preferred choice of accommodation. You get a whole apartment to relax and enjoy rather than a cramped hotel room, whilst still enjoying the luxury and comfort of serviced accommodation. Serviced City Pads have an extensive range of serviced apartments across London so why not give them a call on 0844 338 8866 to book your accommodation for the royal wedding weekend in London.