London apartments for families seeing ‘Potted Potter.’

For families visiting the capital, a London serviced apartment is a great option to spend a couple of days in the capital. There are many theatres through the city, especially in the West End, but there aren’t as many accommodation option close by as you might think. There are many options for London apartments to book on short stays however. With ‘Potted Potter’ showing again this week it would be a great idea to get yourself and the kids down for the a few days.

‘Potted Potter’ stars CBBC’s Watch CBBC’s Dan and Jeff (a.k.a. Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner) who manage to squeeze all the Harry Potter books into a 70 minute show. With the help of endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props and a generous helping of Hogwarts magic, the duo. The show was first seen in 2006 and is playing a very limited tour over the summer. It’s a must-see for fans of the Harry Potter series for children and adults alike. It’s also a great introduction for anyone who has ever wondered why it’s so popular and wants a quick overview of the series. The show is fabulously funny and all your favourite charactors will be there, including a special guest appearance from a fire-breathing dragon. There will even be a game of Quidditch which is interactive with the audience.

Dan and Jeff are best known from CBBC where they are presenters and also for their work on Blue Peter. The star due were also earlier this year nominated for the hugely prestigious ‘Best Entertainment Olivier Award’ for their ‘Potted Panto’ show which ran along a similar theme in giving a squeezed history and rundown of all your favourite panto classics.

If you’re bringing the family down to London to watch the Potted Potter show, or any other shows going on, you’ll be sure to be searching for some London accommodation, unless you are lucky enough to know someone who lives in central London or owns a hotel. A London serviced apartment is a great option for the family all the group can get into the same apartment rather than having to spread out over several small hotel rooms. Good for keeping those kids and check and making sure they’re not up to mischief when you take your eyes off them. Serviced City Pads have a good selection of London apartments to choose from so if you looking to travel down to the capital and are unsure about whether a London hotel is right for you, then get in touch and see what there is the wonderful world of serviced apartments.