London apartments for the 2011 ‘Great Gorilla Run’

On the 24th September 2011 the 8thGreat Gorilla Run’ will take place in central London along a 7km route round City and Bankside. The event is organised by the Gorilla Organization who work internationally to save the world’s last remaining gorillas in the wild from extinction by funding grass-roots projects run by local African partners aimed at tackling the very real threats to the gorillas’ long term survival.

Not just your average charity run, the Great Gorilla Run makes a very serious case for helping these seriously endangered creatures in the jungles of West and Central Africa. The Gorilla Organisation benefits from everyone’s efforts in the run and works to help the people closest to the gorillas themselves. By ensuring that the local people in Africa do as little damage to the rainforest as possible, whilst still maintaining their own crops and fuel sources, the organisation can continue to make provisions for the gorillas and protect their homes.

The Great Gorilla Run takes place on a 7km street circuit through London with one major stipulation: all runners must be in full gorilla costume, so it can become quite a sweaty affair. 2011 will see almost 1000 hairy fundraisers take to the streets, rampaging on the streets of London in the special charity race event. For those of you who are interested, but for some strange reason don’t own a gorilla suit, no need to worry, all entrants are provided with their very own gorilla outfits courtesy of the Gorilla Organisation.  And best of all you get to keep it!

For people travelling to London to take part in the event, accommodation will be one of the first things on the list to sort. Whilst booking a hotel is usually the first idea to come to mind, many people are turning increasingly towards booking London self-catering apartments. Compared to a hotel, a self-catering apartment gives you much more space than a hotel room; typically between 2 and 3 times more. The other major benefit is having you own kitchen so you can cook or prepare your own food, without having to spend lots of money on eating in restaurants or in the hotel. Serviced apartments in London are also an excellent choice for families given the extra space that you get and given that everyone can stay in the same room rather than being split across different rooms. Serviced City Pads are a leading provider of serviced apartments in London and have a wide variety of options, including several around the City area where the Great Gorilla run is taking place. Visit the website at to see what London apartment options they can provide for your stay in London.