London Marathon 2010 – When the going gets Tough!

April 2010 will see the annual London marathon coming back for the 29th time. If you are thinking of taking part you should also be thinking of finding some accommodation in the city for that period. Where better to look than a serviced apartment who offer most importantly of all a Bath as well as a shower so you can soak those aching limbs after you cross the finish line.

Serviced City Pads offer plenty of options throughout London that cater for everyones needs and budgets. All of our serviced apartments come with fully fitted kitchens and living rooms so you can prepare your pre run meal of carbs and enjoy it in front of the television before you embark on that 26mile journey.

One of the 5 largest international matathons run throughout the world. It attracts all of the serious runners as well as many charity fundraisers. The London marathon is now officially seen as the largest annual charity fundraiser in the world and attracts major publicity as well as a host of stars and celebrities.

The course is set over a mainly flat surface and is exactly 26 miles and 385 yards from start to finish. The Marathon is the only in the world that takes place in 2 different hemispheres – The East & West – as it passes over the Prime Meridian in Greenwich. The course itself begins at three different points, all of which converge after three miles in Woolwich. Serviced City Pads can find you accommodation close to one of these starting points if you wish.

So even if you are running the marathon or just going to London for the weekend then you should really start thinking about accommodation now before its too late. You can call one of the reservations team at Serviced City Pads who will be more than happy to match your requirements with one of our fantastic apartments throughout the city of London.

After the Marathon then you may want to relax and unwind – who could blame you after running 26 miles in one go. That is why a serviced apartment is so much better than a hotel room. In a hotel you have nothing but a bed, a tv, a kettle and a bathroom. Whereas in a serviced apartment you have a fully fitted kitchen where you can cook a meal for yourself or just a snack saving you money in having to eat out every night. You also have a fully furnished living room where you can put your feet up on the sofa and watch a film rather than having to rest at the edge of your bed like you would have to do in a hotel room.

The price of a serviced apartment is generally no more than a hotel room and you can also save money the larger the apartment you rent as these have multiple bedrooms and so you can spread the cost between your group. They are also ideal for families as you can keep everyone together under one roof.

If you are taking part in the Marathon then Good Luck and I suggest you start your training now. Get rid of that left over turkey and mince pies!