Visit London – National Graduate Recruitment Exhibition 2010 & Accommodation (London)

Are you a recent graduate or graduating later this year? Are you worried about finding employment after you have graduated? Then look no further than the National Graduate Recruitment Exhibition London 2010. Come to the exhibition and you will have the chance to learn how to jump head first into the job market as well as meeting potential recruiters and having the chance to discuss face-to-face job opportunities with company representatives. The Exhibition is being held at the Barbican Hotel, Golden Lane, London and is on Friday 5th March from 11.00am to 5.00pm and Saturday 6th March from 11.00am to 4.00pm.

It is a fantastic opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge of how the graduate employment market works and also get some handy hints and tips at how you can present your CV and fill out job applications. If you are coming to the exhibition you will need somewhere to stay and were better than having your own serviced apartment. We can cater for all needs and budgets and we have serviced apartments all over the city of London. With having a serviced apartment you can have the same luxury as you would expect at home with fully fitted kitchen, fully furnished living and dining rooms as well as bathroom and bedroom. You can come back and relax or cook a meal and do many things that you cannot when staying at a hotel.

The exhibition runs for 2 days and gives people the opportunity to talk with those in the know. There will be numerous major employers there as well as experts in recruitment to give advice, hold talks and offer support. It is a ‘must’ if you are just about to graduate. You will have the chance to learn many tricks of the trade in finding employment. Don’t go into the employment market without any knowledge come to the exhibition and experience what thousands of people in the UK go through each year. You never know your visit to the exhibition may be the extra edge that you need when you are seeking employment.

Another advantage of having a serviced apartment in London rather than a hotel is that you can spread the costs better and help save some money. The prices of the apartments are not based on the amount of people staying in them like you will find at a hotel but on the apartment itself (although there are restrictions as to how many people can stay at the apartments) – and the prices work out at a better rate per person with a larger apartments therefore if you and a few of your friends decide to come to the Exhibition you can all stay under the same roof and split the total price between you. We have serviced apartments all over London and we can organise that you stay somewhere that is conveniently located to the exhibition or sights if you prefer. Remember this could be the added edge you need to get that first step into employment.