London self-catering apartments for corporate stays

London self-catering apartments or serviced apartments are a brilliant option for corporate guests in London, especially when compared to hotels and they are becoming increasingly popular with visitors on business and pleasure alike.

Unless you are lucky enough to have won the lottery or have super-rich (and super irresponsible) parents, you will have to get a job. As depressing it may seem for many young people fresh out of school, college or university after years of being looked after and with no worries in the world, the reality of adult life soon hits home that you need to work to live.

London is one of the main business capitals of the world and by far the business capital of the UK. Many national and international companies have their offices and headquarters in the capital, especially in the financial sector. London is definitely one of the finance capitals of the world, specifically the City of London, along with places such New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Frankfurt. Many hundreds and thousands of workers arrive in London every month on business and they come from all over the world.

With many people working in the City for weeks of months at a time, living away from home can be quite a daunting prospect, especially for people travelling from vastly different cultures such as East Asia or Ireland. Peoples’ first image of a business person staying in London would be in a cramped hotel room where you come home every evening, slip into something more comfortable and then spend the night sat on the bed watching TV, maybe venturing down to get some over-priced hotel food or an extortionately priced drink from the bar.

However in a serviced apartment in London there is a much more different scene. You get back from work to an open plan serviced apartment with its own fully fitted kitchen where you can make yourself a drink or a snack from the supplies you picked up from Sainsburys. You can get changed in your bedroom then put your feet up and relax on the sofa in the lounge and watch TV. You also have the facilities to make your own food, whether it be a microwave shepherd’s pie or oven pizza, to a spaghetti Bolognese or Chinese stir-fry. Or you can just pop out to a local restaurant! In a London self-catering apartment you truly have the freedom to do as you wish and all the time with more space and comfort than in an equivalent hotel room.