London Serviced Apartments are Great when you visit the British Museum this Summer

Why not take a trip to London and stay in a London Serviced Apartment and visit the Fantastic British Museum. You can contact the Serviced City Pads reservations team to arrange London Accommodation on 0844 335 8866.

The following attractions this summer at the British Museum are as follows;

Serviced City Pads supply London Apartments for either short and long stay leisure and corporate breaks. The British Museum is located 44 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG and the Museum has just reopened after a refit and has some wonderful new exhibits such as Acient Iran and the Persian Empire. The original Persian Empire was formed around 500 years B.C and actuall covered nearly 1 million square miles, the countries incorporated in this empire were Egypt, Afganistan, Pakistan to name a few, the headquarters of the persian empire were on the Iranian Plateau. The most exciting part of the Persian Empire exhibit at the British Museum is the huge diversity of peoples and lands that it actually encompassed – this is shown is great detail throughout the British Museum Exhibit.

Serviced City Pads supply a large range of apartments for a great London Holiday, the London Apartments are located throughout Greater London and can range from a studio apartment to a 3 bedroom penthouse. Many visitors enjoy a trip to the British Museum in the summer months due to the shear amount of exhibits particularly for the Acient Persian Empire. This Empire formed prior to 500 B.C.E had so many different races and creeds of people is was quite amazing, all this can be seen within the new refurbished British Museum.

London Apartments are becoming very popular versus London Hotel Accommodation just to the increase in rooms and space, apartments offer a home away from home experience in London. Just to give the potential visitor more of a cultural flavous, here are some historical facts. The Persian Empire started from very humble beginnings however the army grew under the stewardship of Cyrus the Great, Cyrus was a very astute Emperor and let each regional govenor rule his own region by proxy with a dotted line of complete loyalty to Cyrus the Great. Cyrus died in battle before he could create a Navy, this was handed down to his son Cambyses II who invaded when he invaded Egypt.

Persian culture is also covered where Persian youths from an age of five to twelve would be taught this basic things, to ride a horse, to shoot a bow and the most important of them all to speak the truth. In Persian society to tell a lie is the cardinal sin and this can be punishable by death in some extreme cases.We suspect this could be the case as many rulers were quite paranoid about being threatened and cheated by lies so if everyone in society old the truth they would feel more secure in their postion of power.