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Serviced City Pads have a large range of apartments in London and are delighted to add Dolphin Square Apartments.  Discover Dolphin Square located on the Banks of the River Thames in Pimlico, one of central London’s most prestigious areas, you will be suprised and impressed by its architectural grandeur and tranquil, landscape gardens.

Serviced Apartments in London are fast becoming an alternative to Hotel accommodation, contact the Serviced City Pads Reservations team to book at Dolphin Square Apartments who have a range of apartments from Studios, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom Apartments. The building was designed by Gordon Jeeves FRIBA, Dolphin Square has been long heralded an an incredible feat of both architectual design and engineering. Jeeves pedigree invested Dolphin Square with a subtle, elegant, Art Deco charm, whilst consulting engineer Oscar Faber brought to the project a worldwide reputation for excellence and innovation. The landscape gardens were an early priority, designed as they were by Richard Suddell, who was at the time President of the Insitute of Landscape Architects. Attention to details has always been a priority at Dolphin Square.

Sir Nicholas Pevsner, architect critic and writer, noted that Dolphin Square was ‘the largest self-contained block of flats in Europe’ and as late as 1992, no other building in Europehad a greater number of self-contained units under one contious roof. The revered American writer Temple Fielding saw the square as ‘mini city’ and to a certain extent this is still true today. However, the size of the building, the number of tenants, the sheer scope of the amenities and the central location all belie the fact that Dolphin Square is indeed and oasis of calm in the city.

Apartments cater for either the Corporate or Leisure guests from 1 night to 1 year, Aaprtments are real alternative to Hotels with 50% more space and you can often save money particularly on a long stay. Many famous people have stayed at Dolphin Square from politicians to spies and foreign dignitaries, glamour girls and stars of stage and screen.

The fantastic location of Dolphin Square and proximity to Westminster has inevitably led to its popularity in the corridors of power. Many policitians have lived here in the past, including Harold Wilson, David Steel, William Hague. In 1994 59 MP’s were living in the Square. Dolphin Square’s past association with the world of esionage and subterfuge is one has frequentloy caused unsuspecting eyebrows to be raised. Perhaps the most fictional spymaster, Sir Miles Messervy – Ian Flemming’s M was partially based upon Maxwell Knight, a senior figure in British military intelligence, a former member of the British Facisti, an enthusiastic jazz drummer and long term resident of Dolphin Square.

Serviced City Pads have apartments throughout London for short or long stays either on Corporate Stay or Leisure Stay, you can book Serviced Apartments in London through the Serviced City Pads Reservations team on 0844 335 8866 or by visiting the website at where you wll have a wide range of apartments to choose from in London.