London serviced apartments when off to see ‘Woman in Black’

The Woman in Black is a classic harrowing tale that will chill right to the core. It is renowned as one of the most terrifying theatre events ever. The Fortune Theatre at Covent Garden is home to the production with tickets selling like hot cakes each and every day.

The tale concerns Authur Kipps, a junior solicitor, who is asked to attend Alice Dorblow’s funeral, the only person to live in the house which turns out to have a lot more harrowing secrets than Aurthur would have thought. The strange “woman in black” first appears at the funeral and inspires Aurthur’s apprehension. Mystery and worry is heightened when the locals show an unwillingness to talk about the woman in black and her purpose. The production is centred on Aurthur’s retelling of the tale to an actor and their acting out of the scenes; Aurthur hopes to get rid of the ghosts of his past.

David Acton stars as Authur Kipps, and Ben Deery as The Actor. These two critically acclaimed actors are sure to put on a good show, and not be a disappointment to any of the audience.

The show has recently been adapted into a cinematic feature film which stars Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe! Both the theatre production and the film are both described as horror-thrillers, but why not experience the live version which is sure to have you shaking in your boots!

From Monday-Thursday prices range from £18-45.50, Friday and Saturday (matinee and evening performances) range from £18-48. You can also take advantage of group discount bookings if you’re set to attend in a group of more than 10. You can book tickets on the phone, online or in person.

If you fancy seeing the live version in the nation’s capital, why not book a London holiday apartment? This means you can take the opportunity to take in the sights of London and have a few drinks to calm your nerves after seeing the Woman in Black which promises to be a thrilling tale. Compared to hotels, London serviced apartments offer much more space and flexibility and mean that of all the things you will be fearing after watching Woman in Black, you won’t fear being let down by your accommodation.